Why Naomi Campbell is Going Bald: Should Black Women be Scared?

Posted on Oct 10 2012 - 6:33am by ManeSpeak

Naomi Campbell bald natural hair state. Away on vacation, in Ibiza, Naomi Campbell is looking a bit bald on the frontal region! You would think this supermodel has enough money to get herself to a hair clinic!  It is clear that Miss Campbell is suffering from Aloepicia.  Jokes aside, this is a medical condition that can cause your hair to thin or go completely bald! Naomi is clearly headed the bald route.

Her thinning hair, at this point I would call it balding, is due to the fact that she endured many manipulative hairstyles during her modelling career.  Tyra Banks should take some cautionary notes.  I believe that it’s time Naomi Campbell gave up the weave and started with the wigs!  Her hair is clearly waving goodbye but she’s acting like she doesn’t notice!  Adding all that extra weave tension, to her already fragile hair, is only going to cause a disaster!

Giving Naomi a break, maybe the Traction Alopecia is a hereditary thing.  In other news, her body is still rocking hard even at 42 years of age!

Do we stop doing weaves, extensions, braids and just do natural hair?

Should black women be scared to wear protective styles since Naomi is going bald?  It’s sad how people think that what Naomi is experiencing is just unique to black women! It is not a matter of race or ethnicity! What is happening to the former supermodel can happen to anyone who wears high tension styles.  High tension involves the manipulation of the hair follicle on a constant basis! This damage can can result via braids, dread locks, twists, lace wigs, heat, hair dye and extensions.

So the answer is, no.  You don’t have to stop wearing your protective styling.  You do, however, need to take on extra care when you wear these styles.  You also need to give your hair a break on the regular.  For example, if you wear braids, you can wear them for one month and then take them out and take two months off.  You natural hair needs to go through that hair cycle that we talked about.

Naomi Campbell natural hair.

You are also responsible for making sure that those braids are not tight.  It’s your head and if the stylist insists that “they look neat when they’re tight”, you have the right to walk out with your hair intact.  I cringed when I heard a lady say that she was in pain but her box braids were beautiful and worth it!  I wonder if she has the Naomi Campbell mentality going on!

I feel very tired of hearing the ignoramus comments that “black ladies must all look like this when they’re not wearing weave”! Or the most popular comment “that can’t all be natural”.  Yes! Black women can grow long hair.  I even went through the big chop and now have healthy long hair (even though I still enjoy my protective styles from time to time).  I have my routine haircare, give my roots the break they need and my natural hair gets to love me (hello growth)!

Naomi Campbell bald. She wears a weave.

Anyways, my take is: Naomi Campbell is not alone.  She just happens to be the rare one who doesn’t give a fuss about her hair anymore.  There are many more women out there who would never be seen in public looking a hot mess (like Naomi) but are still having similar, hair loss, problems. On the note, about this being a black woman problem, go kick rocks! No one out there is giving Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and the many other Hollywood ladies (who are notorious for their extensions) a hard time! No one is telling those ladies about how they should go natural.  This is an issue that needs to be taken with an preventative objective rather than a “fuss it you’re all the same attitude”.

Naomi Campbell hairstyles.