Why Hemp Seed Oil Is A Miraculous Oil and a MUST For Natural/ Transitioning Hair!

Posted on Oct 26 2012 - 3:06am by ManeSpeak

Hemp seed oil is like Argan oil and happens to be a very good source of nutrients that go towards benefiting the health of your hair. If you want longer, stronger hair and are concerned about the health of your hair then perhaps you should consider the miraculous works of hemp seed oil.

Hemp oil is not your typical natural hair care product. In its industrial-grade state, its non-hallucinogenic, drug-free and harmless, – after all, it does come from the Cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil that has been subjected to heat is sterilized thus prevent germination.

Sealing oil for natural hair.

Even though hemp seed oil was once used in hair care treatment and maintenance for some time before being used in commercial shampoos, what most companies didn’t realize is the great magnitude that hemp seed oil has when used in hair care products.

What makes hemp seed such a great product to use in your hair ?

This oil is an excellent source of amino acid and is a great source for many nutrients which can greatly benefit natural hair. Hemp seed oil has also been proven to help in the developing of keratin which is essential in building stronger and healthier hair.  As you age your hair lacks Omega 3 fatty acids simply because its not produced as fast.

When using hair care products infused with hemp seed oil (whose high content of fatty acids can greatly help you in combating the effects of aging on your skin) the 3:1 ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3 essential fatty acids is just what your hair as well as your scalp needs. This ration is one that is easily absorbed by your body.

Natural home remedies for hair.

When should you use hemp seed oil/Hemp seed oil hair products?

You should use hemp seed oil on your hair on a regular basis especially more so if you’re transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. Hair that is dry and tightly curled will especially flourish from the regular use of hemp seed oil/hair products that contain hemp seed oil. Since human hair does not produce essential fatty acids naturally on its own, you can maximize your hair’s optimum health, – not to mention greatly improve your natural hair’s look and feel just by simply using hemp seed oil.

Researchers truly believe that hemp seed oil gives your hair and body the essential fatty acids you need. 90% of people do not get sufficient essential fatty acids in their daily diets in order to have healthy hair. These fats will help to keep both your skin and hair in optimum health. So if you want healthy, natural hair, hemp seed oil is amongst one of the best ways to go!


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  1. gladys January 8, 2015 at 4:44 pm - Reply

    Don’t put the hemp oil on your hair! Eat it. It will do wonders for all sorts of health issues.
    Make sure you purchase an “organic” brand, however. I use the Nutiva brand and I do believe my hair’s grown a good inch or 2 since I began taking the oil as a supplement (about a month ago). It’s a very cost effective supplement for all the health benefits it yields. It’s a good alternative to cod liver oil and includes all of the omega fatty acids in the perfect balance.

  2. Hippie Butter February 18, 2015 at 12:21 am - Reply

    Hemp seed oil heals from the inside out. It works great as a healthy food oil but works great as a skin care product. You can also find hemp shampoo & conditioner for sale. Thanks for posting I know it takes a lot of work.

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