What Vitamins Grow Hair?

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What vitamins grow hair  is something that hair growers are always inquiring.  Nutrients work in your hair care regime to provide healthy, long, and beautiful shiny hair.   For ages dating back to the caveman, men have admired women with long locks.  Long, beautiful, shiny hair is very attractive.  Not to say that the short haired ladies out there can’t enjoy their own style but, growing out the hair has become an inspiring process.  It is popularly known as a “hair journey”: something  that tells many of us that there is hope to achieving length.

Did you know that, on average,  the hair you have grows at 6 inches every year for 1/2 and inch every month?  This growth is a result of the biological happenings, and genes, that are embedded within your body.

On the other hand, your nutrition and the the way you groom your scalp make a big difference in how fast your hair is able to grow.   You should also be happy to know that vitamins grow hair. They really do boost the nutrition needed to maintain length.

The whole process of growing hair is hugely attributed to 3 main mechanisms produced by our bodies.

1.  Your circulation system to be in great condition:

2Clog-free scalp: your scalp to be clean of build-up, dirt and other debris.  Basically a scalp that is not clogged up.

3.  Nutrients within your body: will be needed for hair growth.

For this article, we are going straight to the point: What vitamins grow hair?

Vitamins that grow hair.

What Vitamins Grow Hair – Vitamins

If you are familiar with the vitamin B ensemble, you will know that it’s a hair grower.  Especially vitamin B-5, B-3, B-6 and B-7 are effective choices.  Also consider Vitamin A and Vitamin C.  In addition to that, Vitamin E is extremely proactive in growing hair.

Have you heard of niacin? If so, you’ve encountered Vitamin B-3.   It is beneficial in reducing stress. What do we know about stress? It causes hair to weaken and shed off!  Stress is a big factor in hair loss (even though we don’t realize it ).  What vitamin B-3 does is it acts as an assistant to aid your body in breaking down food in order for that energy from the food to be utilized.  Common foods that have vitamin B-3 happen to be salmon, tuna and mushrooms.

Pantothenic acid is also another name for what we know as Vitamin B-5.  In clinical procedures, it has been used to treat people who have alopecia and a lot of shedding.  So what it does is it works on the shaft of your hair to provide strength and support.  This support then gets rid of breakage.  Here’s another little bonus of having vitamin B-5: it helps maintain the color of you hair. So it also acts to lock out the grey longer!

You are probably wondering what vitamins gives your locks their color and shine?  That happens to be vitamin B-6.  The body uses this vitamin to produce melanin.  Melanin is a substance that is utilized by the hair’s cortex to give it that glow.  If you are to get a Vitamin B ensemble, this one is highly commended as a nutritional must-have to healthy hair.

 Biotin! In our research to having healthy hair supplements, this one came right up on the list.  It is also knows as Vitamin B-7 and as Vitamin H.  This vitamin is a league player in digestion.  It acts as an agent that aids protein breakdown.  The way Biotin breaks down protein is by putting them into smaller essential proteins.  It also further to reorganize these protein chains.  The result of this reorganization?  The formation of Keratin happens.  A little fact about Keratin that you may not know: it is the prime ingredient in constructing the shaft of your hair!  That makes this vitamin very important in your nutritional requirement and hair growth.

Long natural hair. To create a phenomenal scalp environment, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are essential.  A healthy scalp is a requirement to growing your hair longer.   The responsibility of Vitamin A is to aid your body in producing and absorbing essential fatty acids.  Notice sometimes your hair is oily and sometimes dry?  The oil production in your body is handled by  the sebaceous gland.  This is the glad that produces sebum.  Sebum is the oil that helps hydrate your hair shaft and gives it the natural shine.  So if you have dry hair, consider essential oils for shine.  On the same note, Vitamin C is an antioxidant so consider it for your overall hair health.

Vitamin E comes in as a helper in increasing the effectiveness of the blood circulating to each one of your hair follicles.  A little known fact about blood is: it’s an oxygen Fed-Ex.  Meaning that blood is a delivery guy for oxygen and nutrients to your hair follicle.  It also acts as a sweeper and that means: it picks up cellular waste from the cells.  In this way, it maintains the cleanliness, and health, of you hair follicles.

What Vitamins Grow Hair – Summary

Prenatal vitamins contain all the effective vitamins we listed.  So in the ends, what vitamins grow hair?  The response Vitamin A, C, E, B-7, B-6, B-5 and B-3.  Other vitamins are there that play supporting roles but these are the ones we focused on that will make your hair grow.


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