Should I Take Prenatal Vitamins to Grow my Natural Hair?

Posted on Oct 8 2012 - 3:06am by ManeSpeak

Prenatal vitamins: Hair Growth
Using prenatal vitamins towards hair growth may be risky to your health. Some women have started to take these prenatal vitamins in order to grow their natural hair.  The risky part is, these women are not preparing for pregnancy (nor are they pregnant).  The big risk is that you are now increasing your chance to fall victim to a vitamin overdose. Yes there it is point blank. Imagine that!  You could overdose on Vitamin D, A, E, K and iron! Who even thought that was possible!  Either you O.D or you could easily become a victim to life-threatening illness!  Oh the risks women take to grow hair!

Prenatal Vitamins: Hair

If you are one of the ladies who wants to use prenatal vitamins take a look at other alternatives that may be beneficial.  For example, if your diet consists of more natural vitamins, you can supplement these with hair growing vitamins.  You should be efficiently contributing towards your own hair length without the side-effects.

Prenatal Vitamins: Hair – Alternative Methods:

A nutritious diet is actually one way to make sure that you are eating foods that will boost the absorption of any supplements (geared towards increasing the length of your locks).   Your body acts like a plant: you have to water it in order for it to sustain, and produce, results.  With that said, your hair growth process will only happen  if certain nutrients are present.   We are going to discuss the

Natural hair supplements.

nutrient Keratin; an ingredient that plays an important role in the hair growing process.

To explain it simply, Keratin is a protein.  So, if you want to find it in the foods that you eat, focus on protein-rich foods.  Go for the lean proteins.  What are those protein rich foods?

  • Chicken
  • Nuts
  • Walnuts
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Salmon

These are just a sample just one of the many foods that you could choose from.


Biotin happens to be a version of Vitamin B-7.  You can find it in carrots, cauliflower, salmon e.t.c.  Biotin should be high on your list since it helps with the breakdown of complex proteins into their most simplistic forms.  Your body then uses Biotin to enable it to recreate the chains of proteins that the body needs.  A good example of a protein that the body needs is: Keratin.

Fatty Acids

Natural hair growth also needs some fatty acids to help strengthen your hair.  Omega 3 is one of the fatty acids and you can find it in fish (eg. cod or salmon) .  Take those oils and you’ll be sure to have shine and strength to your mane.  What the oils do is hydrate the hair shaft and also work with your body to maintain your scalp.


Water water water. It should be a song that you know by heart.  Water is essential for every living organism.  After all, you’re made up of 92 % of water so I would imagine that water affects your circulation.  Your circulation then affects your growing hair!  Picture this for a second: red blood cells are the miracle workers that have a duty to deliver oxygen to your hair follicles! Imagine how hard they work not only to carry the oxygen but, to also bring nutritional goodies that are used by the hair follicles to make hair.  Then these little workers, the red blood cells, are also running around taking out cellular trash for disposal.   You get where this is all going….If your cells are healthy, moisturized, and clean, they will work better to produce high quality hair.

Natural hair vitamins.

Prenatal Vitamins for Hair Growth – The Verdict

 People keep reading about the risk that prenatal vitamins could have to their health but yet they keep using them for hair growth.  By taking prenatal vitamins, while not pregnant, you’re going above and beyond the daily recommended intake.  These vitamins work like a multivitamin except they’re much stronger.  They work the best when they’re taken by women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant (your body uses up more vitamins at that stage).  For those of us who are not in any of the mentioned situations, a multivitamin is the thing to take.  Increase your dietary consumption to include the natural hair growth vitamins that you may be looking for.  


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    Weight loss products and anti-aging foods are rampant in the marketplace but we have to be very careful in choosing which one to take. Because this are not nature made vitamins but rather supplements that contains synthetic ingredients and can sometime harm and not help our body in performing its best.

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