Folic Acid for Natural Hair Growth: The Truth! Nothing But the Ugly Truth!

Posted on Nov 1 2012 - 4:38am by ManeSpeak

Folic acid for natural hair growth. If you are thinking about using the B vitamins to aid your natural hair growth, I have embarked on that journey already. Been there and sat on that launched ship!  Perhaps not correctly but oh yes did I ever launch!

I picked up some Folic Acid by “Nature Made”.  I had been reading about B vitamins and trying to digest some of those minerals and nutrients that I could add to my diet. Folic acid is usually known as something that a pregnant woman, or someone trying to be preggers, would take to reduce birth defects. I was obviously not taking it for the purposes of bringing el bambino into this earth.  But, well, I took it anyways…  After some research and lots of reading I embarked on a dosage of 400mcg!  Taken once a day I was en route to give my body, and mane, some more benefits.  So here I was getting ready to drink a potion and the enchantress was calling “Rapunzel Rapunzel”.

A week went by nothing really happened.  I was not looking for a “magic in a bottle hair poof” type of natural hair growth.  I was more feeling out my body to see if I felt different ever since starting to take something new.  The second week is when somethings started happening.  Cramping in the lower stomach area.  It was at times dull and at times sharp!  I thought it was just my body going through ovulation and other woman problems…wrong!  This pain continued.  What an uncomfortable feeling!  This must be the beginning of a hernia…

What had changed?  I wondered! Is it because I had picked up a prenatal supplement in the dreams of luscious growth?

My rebellious self continued to take the pills daily as the enchantress screamed “Rapunzel Rapunzel let down your hair and stop this madness”

And I stubbornly looked on without consulting the recommend intake “I will let my hair down but you’re sure not thinking about climbing up this 400mcg/day of folic acid grown hair of mine! You’ve got another thing coming! Get a ladder and step up!” I retorted back.Natural hair folic acid for hair growth.

I had to stop this madness but it took me 2 months to realize that the folic was what was causing that lower abdominal pain!  I found this out because I had forgotten to take the vitamins for one whole month (I traveled and left the beastly pills at home).  Surprise, there was no pain.  I came back, started to take them, and the pain commenced.  It was time to pick up a book and read up on what I was putting into my body…


Vitamin B6 or Biotin should really be included as part of your healthy hair lifestyle since they stimulate that hair growth.  The B vitamins are good friends to your skin.  Bonus!  You can also get these benefits by ingesting foods that contains biotin.  Get that plate and feast on lentils, peas, brown rice, walnuts and peas.

Folic Acid
Folic acid is a vitamin that boasts being water-soluble.  So Vitamin B6 and folic are very beneficial to your natural hair.  These vitamins are also helpful in helping build up red blood cells and doing healthy road maintenance of your central nervous system.  Folic acid is a tough cookie when it comes to helping replace the raggedy, old, cells of your body with fresh new ones.  This quality, of being a multi-tasker, is what makes folic acid powerful in working on different structures like your tissues and organs – including hair.  You can prowl the food market to get folic in those oranges, soybeans and your leafy greens.

Natural long hair pills

Minerals and Vitamins you Can Take for Hair Growth

Vitamin C:

If you want to help that blood circulation on your scalp, you should spoil your head with daily massages.  I like to do mine right when I wake up for 5 minutes.  You should also get on your vitamin C.  It works on circulation and circulation works on prevention of baldness.  If you want to digest vitamin C in nature, find it in: guava, lemons, strawberry, raspberry, broccoli, grapefruit, cabbages, oranges, cauliflower and tomatoes.   Imagine this is just a few of the options you have. There are many more.

Natural hair short hair. Vitamin E:

The body takes on oxygen and vitamin E helps boost that intake.  This boosting makes for great blood circulation.  You’ve probably heard a little bird whisper about vitamin E being an immune booster.  A great immune system means your body is able to focus on hair growth as opposed to focusing to fight the disease!

Zinc and Magnesium:

Magnesium and zinc work like two great partners in goodness.  They also add onto your immunity and thus promote hair growth.  If you went to shop for groceries you would want to load your cart with nuts, legumes, yogurt, whole grains, spinach, beans, peas and oysters.

The Amount of Folic Acid you should take for Hair Growth

If you are looking to stimulate natural hair to grow, you can take the foods that are loaded with folic acid, take other vitamins and minerals too.  You also have the option to take supplements as well.  Like I said up there (in the beginning) that Vitamin B6 and Folic acid will work to satisfy your hair growth needs.

But you may wonder:  what is the right dosage that will work? What is the right dosage that I should take?  I also wondered about these questions before I embarked on my nightmare with folic acid!  The regular recommendation for women is 200mcg while men get a regular dose of 400mcg.  For vitamin B supplements, I would consult a dermatologist since an overdose can be a scary thing for your skin and health.  Everything needs to be done in moderation and that’s when you’ll see results.

If you have hair loss and are troubled about the causes of it, why not have a blood test.  It’s a superb way to identify a vitamin deficiency.  A blood test will clear any possibilities and allow you to focus on the main issue.  Then you can start taking vitamins with the knowledge that you are not deficient but rather, supplementing your nutrients.

So what is the truth and nothing but the UGLY truth? In the quest for natural hair growth, my abdominal cramping was caused by taking on a high dosage.  I should have gone with the 200mcg.  I am scared to try it but soon, in the future , I might embark on another venture.  This time I will be armed with knowledge. For now, I will feast on tables full of fresh foods loaded with the specific nutrients I am looking for.

Anyone have a similar or different experience with folic?


  • K

    Wow, when I was taking folic acid (400 mcg like you did) it started making my leg get the worst pains, strangely enough. Biotin did this as well, I wonder if there’s something in both that’s causing it?) I also stopped taking them and the pain went away, then came back and started up again. I think I’ll try and see if a lower dosage works better. Thanks for sharing this!

    • ManeSpeak

      Oh my goodness, it was painful. Now that you mention the leg pain, I do remember feeling a dull pain on the top half of my left leg. It was weird! I really ought to investigate. Last of my findings recommended to take a lower dose. I was taking 400 mcg but thinking about going down to 200. Apparently the 400 mcg is supposed to be for pregnant women eating for two! Opps! :)
      ManeSpeak recently posted…Some Tips to Turn Dry Hair into Growing Hair

  • stephanie

    I just bought 800 MCG of folic acid to help my hair grow. I should have done my research before taking them! thankfully I’ve only taken 2 pills. my question is since I just bought a bottle of 800mcg, should I only take it like 2 or 3 times a week?

    • ManeSpeak

      Hey Stephanie:

      That really sounds like a HIGH dosage. Have you taken the pill? Please update us if you have. something that high I would take twice a week at most.

      The cramping was one of the worst! It’s something pregnant women take in high dosages :)

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  • Asia

    I take folic acid all the time and never had any side effects. I take the 400mcg and a little more because its in my daily multi vitamins and my omega-3 vitamins. I combine folic acid with biotin and some days I just take it alone right before I go to bed because it helps clear my skin. I’m 17 now going on 18 in Nov. And I’ve been taking folic acid since I was 15 so I don’t know why you had such a horrible time with this vitamin. I guess certain bodies have different effects. :)