Fast Hair Growth: How to Stimulate Black Hair Growth

Posted on Dec 20 2012 - 5:09pm by ManeSpeak

Black women with long natural hair. Wouldn’t it be great if you could grow longer hair in just a short amount of time?  Is there really such a thing as fast hair growth? Well the answer to this is both yes and no. Yes, because each and every person has their own definition of fast hair growth. For some people, fast hair growth means they are able to experience hair growth within a month, others depending on genetics and overall health, may take a longer amount of time to achieve new and noticeable hair growth.

Please note:  The kind of ”fast hair growth” discussed here is not the  drastic ”become Pochohontas”  type since such claims to achieving overnight hair growth are quite simply biologically impossible for most, -if not all people!

Fast hair growth in this context does not mean growing long hair the very next day, instead it refers to stimulating your hair to grow at a much faster rate than what you are normally used to.

There is no real known overnight ”miracle” for fast hair growth.  This is not to say that you can not achieve long hair in a shorter amount of time, the results you will get, will mainly depend on following a few clever and highly effective tips. Since black hair tends to be kinky-curly and dry by nature, its also more easily prone to breakage as a result. This fact alone presents a challenge in itself especially in terms of achieving as well as maintaining new hair growth and length.

In order to grow long hair fast, its important that you understand the lifespan of  just one strand of hair…

Natural, curly, hair.Hair starts growing from the root, it develops underneath the scalp in a minuscule envelope called the hair follicle.

The hair then comes through the root of the papilla which can be found at the bottom part of the follicle through which the blood flows. Blood also flows from the papilla to the hair’s matrix whereby the growing cells which make the hair can be found. Your hair growing cells are the fastest reproducing cells within your body.

Your hair’s lifespan is genetically predetermined. For men, this lifespan is usually 3 years average and for most women, this hair lifespan is usually 4-5 years.

What factors affect hair growth?

Your hair growth depends on the the blood supply levels you have towards the root of the hair as well as what foods you eat and the hair products you use on your hair. In order to encourage and speed up your hair growth, try doing the following things:

Iron-sulphur proteins: These can be found in tuna, chicken, cheese, beans, egg yolks, lentils as well as in pistachios and almonds. Zinc and magnesium can be found in egg yolks, prawns, oysters, bananas, soy, grain and whole wheat bread. Iron is also important for hair growth and can be found in egg yolks, soy flour, oysters, grain, hazelnuts and almonds.

The rate at which your hair grows depends on the  ‘genetic programming’ in each person and also depends on your hair type. This means that the rate of hair growth will be around 1 cm each month, this can be 0.8 cm per month for somebody with kinky-curly hair and 1.5 cm each month for somebody of Asian origin and hair type.

Your hair growth also is linked to the release of sex hormones carried in your  blood stream, so if you have more of these hormones, then your hair is more likely to grow at a much faster rate! This also explains why pregnant women tend to experience longer hair growth during pregnancy because of the rise in hormonal levels.

Finally changes in season will also affect your hair growth. In the summer for example the sun encourages hair growth much the same way it helps plants to grow. This slows down come autumn and winter when the sun is limited in these seasons, thus your hair growth slows down and isn’t so significant when growth is achieved.

Natural hair braidout.Castor oil is great for stimulating hair growth!

Stimulating black hair growth : Your hair growth is very much linked to your lifestyle, so if you live a healthy lifestyle, this will also be reflected in the state of your hair. If you’re getting exercise regularly, eating a healthy balanced diet, and getting enough sleep, you should see the positive effects to your hair as well.

Natural hair detangling process.Living a life where you aren’t getting enough sleep, aren’t eating the right foods, drinking too much alcohol etc. will result in a shorter lifespan of your hair, meaning hair will likely break off before its had time to grow to its full potential.

Make sure that you also drink a lot of water in addition to eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins A, B as well as C and iron, as well as zinc and magnesium for faster hair growth.

Don’t believe the ultra expensive hype !

Don’t believe the hype in using super commercial and overly expensive hair products.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money to achieve healthy long hair! Instead use hair products that contain the right ingredients needed to stimulate hair growth such as peppermint, jojoba, almond oil, Castor oil etc. Dietary supplements can also assist you in getting long hair fast. Vitamin B supplements, zinc and amino acids are a great place to start.

Massage your scalp regularly

Massaging your scalp on a regular basis will work to encourage hair growth. As a matter of fact by massaging your scalp regularly you’ll be helping to boost blood circulation towards the hair’s root, making collagen tissue around the hair root more flexible and this will stimulate and thus encourage new hair growth.

There you have it, all the things you can do to achieve long hair fast as well as stimulate black hair growth. Never buy into the lie that black kinky-curly hair can not grow past shoulder length! With proper TLC your hair growth really has no limits.


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  1. Anele August 10, 2015 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    I just shaved all my hair off because I was tired of all the trouble it gave me, plus it grew sooo super slow. I’d grow an inch in about 7 – 6 months. I do know that in order to get my dream hair I’d need to eat what’s required. But I feel like as much as I try eating good or try products its no help at all cause its still growing in the same phase?? African hair can really be a challenge!

  2. Nicole Aschenbach October 2, 2015 at 4:29 am - Reply

    I’m 48 and my hair is thinning and nuhairrx serum helps it grow and feels thicker and stronger

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