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  • Shanara Hawkins

    Dear Jane and Jedi,

    I am simply overjoyed to have stumbled upon the front steps of your blog. I had been frantically searching the world wide (strike that) world wild web for the “reason-why-my-new-natural-hair-emerged-like-dry-brittle-sticks-of-jagged-pieces-‘o-wood-abandoned-long-long-ago-in-the-Saharan-Desert.” I was really just about to give up my search and rescue efforts when I caught a glimpse of your blog title listed below in the search results -MANESPEAK- I was intrigued.

    “Oooo,” I hymned.

    “Mane’s Peak. . . Wait, is it Mane Speak?”

    Being a self proclaimed lover of all things language, the cleverness of this word play fascinated me! Plus, I was in a desperate situation and that title assured me receipt of a two for one deal that I could Not!. pass up:

    1. My mane would speak!
    2. My mane would peak!

    “BaBamBaBoomShakalakah!” I holla’d.

    And, your site did not disappoint! It greeted me with my three favorite colors (hot pink, black, and white) it was super easy to navigate, it contained archives dating back to September 2012 (a sign! a sign!), the exact month and year I, too, begin my natural hair care journey, and it provided a practical solution for the dry-brittle-sticks-of-abandoned-jagged-pieces-‘o-wood sitting atop of my head!

    Most of all your, About Us, section ministered to my spirit. Like happening upon two old, familiar friends unexpectedly in a desperate time of need. So, Congratulations! and a heartfelt Thanks; for you are impacting lives in more ways than you could ever know. I am a fan. I’ll be sure to update you on the fabulous results of my deep treatment!

    All the Best,


    • http://www.manespeak.com ManeSpeak

      Hey Shanara: This is the most thought filled comment we came across today. Thank you so much for lifting our spirits and motivating us. You are special! So glad we can provide inspiration either via photos or the words on this pages. They all come from the heart- that strong urge to help. Tell us about the dry brittle hair! Jedi and I were laughing at the comical way you describe that. Great spirits always meet Shanara :)

      You have a way with words. It’s quite enjoyable reading your comment. I once had the dry hair after a bad texturizer. Yikes! Had to do the big ol’ chop. More on that later.

      And yes it is Mane Speak joined into one. Both of them melt into one word. It’s really quiet what we were going for. Yayy for finding a online friend who gets them both. Pow pow! Love playing with words too and it took us a little while going back and forth so we just joined he two words into one.

      Isn’t it awesome to be able to mingle online and have hair be something that can bring people tougher. It really is not superficial but rather more intimate and fun! Yes to hair journeys and the friends we meet along that highway. I think your dry-brittle-sticks-of-abandoned-jagged-pieces-’o-wood are in a fine place. Let them loose into the wind chile. Let them be free and let them be kissed by the wind and softened by the waters :)

      We really do feel like we know you Shanara. Welcome to our home. Welcome to the feast of hugs and inspiration. Your words come from a good place: the heart. For that we say thank you. Please let us know how your deep treatment is going. If you feel courageous enough, please submit photos to info[at]manespeak[dot]com. Or use this link: http://manespeak.com/contact-us-2/ We are starting a series to inspire other women by having other ladies share their triumphs and tribulations in the hair and beauty world. We believe you are that girl to inspire others.

      If you have any questions along your journey, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here.
      Jane and Jedi